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Creative Development

Promotions Name Developments Corporate IDs Exhibitions Marketing Strategies Tag line / Slogan / Strap line Development

New Media

Website Design Digital Profiles Electronic Invitations Multi-Media Presentations Video / DVD Productions


Exhibitions Promotions/Activation Corporate Gifts Corporate functions

Communication & Advertising

Creative concept development. Product & packaging development Comprehensive Marketing Strategy according to your budget Account managing Retainers on services

Publishing & Printing

Annual Reports Books, Pamphlets, Yearbooks, Diaries, etc

Visual Brand & Branding

Corporate Identity Design Brand Audit Brand-manuals Car Branding Signage Corporate interior Corporate Gifts

Brand Manuals

Brand-manuals Car Branding


Product & packaging development Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Corporate Profile

Corporate Identity

Design Logo Visual Brand & Branding Brand Audit Brand-manuals Car Branding Signage Corporate interior Corporate Gifts Key rings, caps / peaks, corporate clothing, folders, pens, custom made items, trophies, etc

Small print runs

All small run custom made printed items. Pamphlets Brochures Corporate profiles, Invitations: Wedding cards Birthday cards Events, (All Cards) Scratch cards, Tickets, Laser cut cards, custom wrapping paper, Special albums, Binding of exclusive designed photo albums etc

Corporate Stationary

All Custome designed stationary Letterheads, Compslips, Business Cards, Invoice books, Continuious forms, etc

Calenders and Diaries

School and corporate diaries, yearbooks calenders desk pads, standing desk calender


Xpozure does not have an international office, but has over the past 17 years worked and developed many brands that are internationally known and visible. A few examples are Brain Wellness Spa, CBH Holdings, BizIt (UK), Barnard Super car, Bio-Sculpture, Bonsmara, Grey College, Wiehahn, RMD,  Niavin and Nat-u-Von, Passi Magazine, Agile Ideas, Wella, Vodacom and SAB Millers. We have always been competing on a national level and at all times strive for international standards.

Marketing and Communication

Xpozure is a through-the-line advertising and design agency that is firmly steered by our tagline: Strategic Communication. With many successful campaigns and promotions under our belt, Xpozure's team of skilled marketers, designers and strategists can attend to your marketing needs, implemented in a pin-pointed fashion to produce the desired results. Our communication strategies are built on an in-depth analysis of a client's needs and target market, with a plan developed to effectively reach the intended audience and to elicit a specific response.

Branding Comprehensive Understanding

While formulating your brand strategy, we will investigate a series of elements surrounding your business to make the necessary marketing recommendations. Services Include: Company Overview, Market Research, Brand Offerings & Architecture, Brand Communication, Customer Research, Brand Positioning, Brand Promise A complete internal brand review, upgraded or customised, to prolong and intensify your brand experience.


Xpozure has been independently verified by Emex trust (IT 4383/05) in terms of BROAD-BASED ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT act number 53 of 2003. Codes of Good Practice and the DTI Methodology. B-BBEE Contributor: Level 3 (≥ 65 but ≤75). B-BBEE Procurement Recognition level: 100 %. Size: Exempted Micro Enterprise. Certificate number: EMEXTDC5.